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Our History and Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with professional service, quality painting and tiling, and an end product that our team is proud of.

BC Decorating has been a staple in the West and North Chicagoland area with premier painting and tiling services since 1999. BC has worked with both large-scale and small-scale residential and commercial clients since day one.

We provided the total painting and tiling package. From painting a single accent wall to changing the entire color scheme or floor of your home, hotel, or office, our experienced crews are ready to apply the colors and products you desire.

BC Decorating takes pride in our professionalism and depth of experience that we bring to each project.

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Reliable means more than showing up on time with the right equipment. Our dependable and trustworthy staff has the knowledge and tenure to provide you with actual solutions to your project.


We are clean both on-site and with the products we use. We take preemptive measures to avoid a messy job site and utilize eco-friendly products whenever possible.


More than just being on time, our team focuses on getting the work done in an organized and timely manner. It is essential for our team to get your project completed and stick to our commitments.


At BC Decorating we value your family and property as much as you do. Respectful to us means open communication, stewardship, transparency, and working together for a common goal.


We wouldn’t be in the painting and tiling business if we weren’t creative! We’re creative in two ways: being able to fulfill your decorating dreams and creative at finding solutions to any problem that comes at us.

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