Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local Painter

So you’ve finally decided to paint your home: the kitchen, bathroom, or maybe even the exterior. With so many large painting companies throughout the Chicagoland area, why should you hire a local painting contractor? Here are four reasons why:

1) Better Customer Service

Having a local painting contractor means being in contact with a local organization with the headquarters or main office, not in downtown Chicago or New York, but right in your neighborhood. These are individuals who you could bump into at the grocery store or the local bar. Hiring local talent always provides better customer service since you are hiring a “neighbor” to paint your house rather than a corporation who cares about profits over people.

BC Decorating - Painting a Brown Front Door
BC Decorating team member, Jose, working on a home within a 15 minute drive of where he actually lives!

2) Competitve Prices

It’s no secret that local talent can be as competitive with pricing as the corporate chains. Companies often take advantage of locally run painting suppliers and stores and pass those savings down to you. At BC Decorating, we are no different!

Painting Exterior of a House
The BC Decorating exterior painting team working with painting supplies sourced from local shops.

3) You’re Supporting Local Talent and Jobs

When you hire a local painter, you are supporting the local economy and individuals who live and work within the area where you live. The BC Decorating team lives within a short drive of the Chicagoland area where we provide our painting and tiling services. By hiring local, you are pumping money back into your own backyard.

BC Decorating - Painting Sign Outside

4) It’s Greener

When you hire local, your painting team has a shorter commute and travels less for supplies. This in turn saves on gas and green-house emissions from your painting team’s cars and trucks.

Think green by hiring local!

Get Started Today with a Local Painter

BC Decorating has been providing local painting and tiling services since 1999. Based locally in your neighbor in Sycamore and Naperville, Illinois our team serves most cities and towns in the west Chicagoland area. We provide top-quality interior painting and exterior painting services. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your next paint job.

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