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Over 20 Years of Custom Tiling

BC Decorating is your local tile and grout contractor!

For over 20 years BC Decorating has been providing tiling and grout services for residential and commercial properties alike. Our creative and dedicated team understands that tile is not just a decorative covering- but a feature that ties in with the entire look and feel of the room. That’s why our team dedicates time and effort working with your vision and prepares and places tile with precision.

BC Decorating offers great customer service, technical, and creative expertise on every tile product that we are apart of!

BC Decorating - Tiling


BC Decorating offers a variety of tile and grout services that will change the look and feel of the room!

Completed bathroom tile floor

Residential Tiling

When you look at the flooring of your home are you completely happy with it? If the answer is no then let BC Decorating take over! We have extensive experience with bathroom floor tile, backsplashes, kitchen floor tile, shower tile, and so much more!

Completed office floor.

Commercial Tiling

Our team works with tiling commercial offices, hotels, and business frequently. BC Decorating can create custom flooring or wall design with your company logo or insignia. All our commercial projects resolve around matching nearby colors and the space so it fits in seamlessly with your existing look.

Tile fireplace being repaired

Restoration and Tile Repair

BC Decorating is an expert in all things tile. We can restore, repair, or maintain any of your existing tile even if it was done by another company. Everything from cracked and hollow tiles, loose tile, and grout repairs – we can make it look like new!

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